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SuperEnalotto superstar is one of the biggest lotteries in Italy. Every week, thousands of Italians are looking forward to the lottery draw on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. SuperEnalotto has an exciting extra option called ‘SuperStar’. If your predicted number matches with the SuperStar number you can win millions of euros!


SuperStar Lottery Online

It’s really easy to play in the Italy SuperStar Lottery. You can even try your luck online. All you need to do is to buy a lottery ticket online. SuperEnalotto offers a so-called ‘multi-draw package’ that makes it possible to participate in 5, 10, 25 or 52 draws of the SuperStar lottery. The lottery definitely appreciates it when participants choose the multi-draw package. Usually you’ll receive a nice discount of 25 % because of it.

The advantages of a subscription
Many participants also have a subscription for the SuperEnalotto SuperStar. The advantage is that you participate in every draw and receive the 10th for free every time. Or perhaps you like to become a VIP member. In that case you’ll enjoy nice discounts up to 20 % on lottery tickets.

Jackpot & draws 2024

Pick your lucky Star numbers

To play, you need to select six numbers from a range of 1-90. You also have to pick an extra number called the SuperStar from the same range. If everything goes well you receive a copy of your lottery ticket in your account before the draw takes place. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are very exciting days for SuperEnalotto players. At 19.00 p.m. the draw takes place.

The importance of the 7th and 8th number
During the draw there’s a drum with 90 balls. There’s also a 7th bonus number that’s known as the ‘Jolly Number’. The 8th number is the ‘SuperStar’ and plays a very important role. If you have the matching SuperStar number ánd the correct SuperEnalotto numbers you’ll win an incredible amount of money. Good luck!

Increase your chance of winning with Lucky Numbers TheLotter gives players a chance to increase their chance of winning with two options. You can choose between buying a regular ticket or a systematic form. Regular means that you pick your numbers in a quick and random way. Another way to play is to save ‘Lucky Numbers’ in your online account. They could be your favorite numbers or date of birth, for example. Hopefully they will bring you all the luck you need.

Categories and prize money Superstar

SuperStar is a great addition to the original SuperEnalotto. For example, it has 8 prize categories above the six from the original lottery. It actually has 14 divisions in total, if you also count some unique prize winning combinations. For example, you’ll win a lot of money with 2+PB and 1+PB. The prize money in these categories is definitely amazing. It ranges from 1,3 million to 180 million euros! One of the advantages of the SuperStar Lottery Jackpot is that the sky is the limit. To win the main prize all your numbers need to match the main SuperEnalotto numbers and the SuperStar number.

First and second prize
Of course every player wants to end up in the first category. In that case it’s possible to win 2 million euros combined with the SuperEnalotto Jackpot. The third prize also isn’t bad at all, namely a boost of 1 million euros to the SuperEnalotto second place prize. Having a winning lotto ticket and a match with the SuperStar sometimes increases the money of secondary prizes with 25 to 100 times!

Vincita Immediata

The chance of winning a nice amount of money in the SuperEnalotto SuperStar is quite high. The lottery offers a nice additional lottery part that is called ‘Vincita Immediata’. This name obviously sounds great in the Italian language! You win 25 euros if one of the numbers on your lottery ticket matches the so-called ‘Quadrato magico numbers’.

Playing in the lottery is a popular way to gamble, also in Italy. This is why almost every Italian knows the SuperEnaLotto SuperStar Lottery. Did you now that you can also play it online? In this article we explain how you do this.

How to play the SuperStar lottery online?

Playing the Italy SuperStar Lottery online is just as easy as the traditional way. The only different is that you select six main numbers online instead of choosing them in a store. You have several ticket options, namely a ‘regular’ or ‘systematic’ form. Regular means that you buy a ticket for a one-time draw. This is a good idea when you’re new a player. It’s a way to try out this lottery. However, a systematic form is a better idea when you like to improve your winning chances.

How to buy a ticket for this lottery?

Buying a SuperEnalotto ticket isn’t expensive. You can even get some discount of 25 percent with a SuperEnalotto SuperStars multi-package! It means that you play 5, 10, 25 or 52 times. If you like to participate in every draw, a subscription is recommended. In that case you will not miss a draw anymore. The lottery rewards you with a 10th ticket for free every time. Or become a s-called ‘VIP-member’ instead and receive a discount of 20 percent on all your ticket purchases. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Selecting numbers
In this lottery you have to pick numbers from a 1 to 90 range. You can only select the SuperStar number once by the way. It means that this number will be used on all the lines. You can enter your numbers manually or by ‘quick pick’. The last option means that the computer digitally chooses your numbers. It’s also possible to safe some ‘Lucky Numbers’ in your account at theLotter.

Buy your tickets online
Another difference between the website and a traditional store is that you don’t have to go out anymore. Instead you can buy lottery tickets on the website of theLotter. After the purchase a scanned copy appears in your account at theLotter. Just click on the ‘See Your Tiket Service’ to check your ticket numbers.

When do the draws of this lottery take place?
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights are very exciting for SuperEnalotto SuperStar players. At 19:00 GMT the draws take place! Hopefully you’ll win money in one of the highest prize divisions. Six regular numbers are drawn at these special evenings. Just one single drum with 90 balls is used for this moment. There’s also a bonus number, called the Jolly Number, at the same time. Also interesting to note is the second drum, meant for the eight number. You might win extra money because of this so-called ‘SuperStar’ number.

How do you win the Jackpot?

The Jackpot is yours when you have the matching regular SuperEnalotto numbers and the SuperStar number. It contains a lot of money, but the sky is the limit. When everything matches you also receive the SuperStar prize of 2 million euros! There’s even more great news: the SuperEnalotto SuperStar prize doesn’t have a limit!

How many prize divisions does this lottery have?
There are eight prize divisions in total, which is two more than when this lotto started. The first prize is absolutely incredible, namely 2 million euros! To win this you need to have six matching numbers and the SuperStar. Five matching numbers and the Jolly lead to the second prize. You win more money when there’s also a match with the SuperStar. What’s more, it can increase a secondary prize between 25 an 100 times! Also interesting to note is that the SuperStar has its own unique prize divisions, namely 0+PB, 1+PB and 2+PB. This leads to 14 prize divisions in total. So there’s a lot to win in this Italian lottery!

An extra chance to win
Did you know that there’s even an extra chance to win? This option is known as Vincita Immediata. You win 25 euros extra when your lottery ticket numbers match with the four printed ‘Quadrato magico’ numbers on your ticket. A nice addition for every prize you’ve won during a draw, whether it’s 10.000 euros or 200 euros. Every prize is paid to your account theLotter.

Winner stories

The stories of the former SuperEnalotto SuperStar lottery winners are very inspiring. A person from Latvia was lucky enough to win 578,080 euros in February 2013. He or she had an 8-number systematic form that produced 74 winning lines out of the 84 that were purchased at theLotter. The largest individual prize the Latvian won was the 5+1 SuperStar fourth place, which was 479,123 euros to be precisely. The lucky strike for this winner continued, since he or she also won 100.000 euros extra because of multiple match 3, match 4 and match 5 wins.