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10Lotto part of Lotto Italia

The 10elotto is a popular game in which players can take part by completing and returning the form, selecting a minimum of one number and up to 10 numbers from 1-90. The diffusion of the Italian game has also meant that it was necessary to create statistics of the 10eLotto, which can help in understanding what are the so-called most common or The late numbers. In 10eLotto, some numbers are drawn more frequently, other numbers repeat only after several dozens of draws.

How to Play 10elotto

  • Pick Numbers: Choose up to 10 numbers between 1 and 90.
  • Choose Your Draw: Choose between a rapid draw, a 5-minute draw, or the evening draw.

Standard bets start at €1; however, if you decide to bet €2 or the like, this will also activate special options such as Numero Oro and Doppio Oro. You choose your six main numbers then it automatically adds one special number to your ticket which increases the prizes that may be won following the official draw.

Doppio Oro: two special numbers are added, and prizes are even bigger if both show up (SuperEnalotto net)​.

Winning and Prizes

The number of matches determines the prizes. You can win up to the sweet €5 million by matching all 10 numbers. If you manage to get any of those combos, you can count on high earnings.

Odds lotto

Based on the number of numbers that you pick and match with the outcome, winning is going to have a different probability. With the special add-on options of Numero Oro and Doppio Oro your chances are slightly better in individual prize tiers.

Recent Results and Draws

10eLotto also has frequent draws, allowing players to win a number of times in just one day.

Conclusion 10elotto

The Lotto is simply a great lottery game, because it comes with daily draws and you can pick and choose every time how many numbers are selected from the complete range that goes up to 1-90. If you are seeking instantaneous outcome, playing a game of 10eLotto every few minutes or the excitement of an evening draw, then these games offer something for one and all. Of course, this game contains special features that provide gambling excitement to complement the big prizes from the regular pay table with special features like Numero Oro and Doppio Oro.