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About us

Sisal, founded in 1945 as the realization of the dream and ingenuity of three sports journalists, was the first Italian company operating in the lottery/gambling industry with a government license. Sisal has licenses for the most popular Italian lotteries.

The story of sisal bears witness to Italian entrepreneurship at its best. Over the years, sisal has created a series of popular, high-quality games, including the soccer pools totocalcio and totip and, more recently, the Lotteries Superalotto and Win for Life.

The success of sisal’s creative power is the foundation of our financial results and reputation, with which we have built a company that has earned the trust and credibility of its more than 25 million consumers over seventy-five years. We develop and manage games with expertise and high standards of integrity, transparency and security: all essential characteristics for companies operating in a highly regulated industry subject to strict government controls.

Sisal is one of the leading international operators in the regulated gambling sector and currently operates in Italy, Morocco and Turkey, offering lotteries, betting, online games and entertainment devices. The company operates internationally in the retail channel through a network of more than 45,000 outlets and in the online channel with more than 1.7 million consumers.