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Italian Eurojackpot

What makes Eurojackpot unique in Italy is the way it is promoted and the special offers that are sometimes available to Italian players. The media coverage and cultural impact of big wins are also noteworthy.


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Success stories of Italian Winners

There are several stories of Italian winners who have won big prizes, adding to the game’s appeal. These success stories are often shared in the media and reinforce Eurojackpot’s popularity in Italy.

Differences in Game Rules and Jackpots

Although the basic rules of Eurojackpot are the same in all participating countries, there are subtle differences in the way the game is presented and promoted. In some countries, there are additional local draws or special prizes.

Participation Eurojackpot

Eurojackpot is a transnational game, meaning that the jackpot is built up from players’ wagers from different countries. This aspect contributes to the size of the jackpots and makes the game attractive to players across Europe.

Where can I claim my Eurojackpot bonus in Italy?

If the win is less than or equal to €520, it can be collected at all sisal outlets.

If the bonus is less than or equal to €5,200, the bonus can be claimed at the outlet where you played (subject to the restrictions set out in Article 12 of Legislative Decree No. 201 of 6 December 2011), regarding allowable bonus payment points. and the Sisal office.

If the prize exceeds €5,200, it can only be claimed at points specifically approved by the concessionaire and at Sisal offices in Milan and Rome.

Finally, if the prize exceeds €52,000, it can only be claimed at the prize payout offices in the Sisal offices in Milan and Rome.