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How much is the gambling tax in Italie?

Below the gambling tax, this you will pay after winning a lottery price in italie.

  • Tax Band 1: Tax-free up to €500
  • Tax Band 2: The portion of the prize more as €500 is 20%

When the lottery company pays the prize, you will receive the amount after taxes. You may also owe taxes in your home country, and you should consult a financial expert to find out what your duties may be.

What are the gaming taxes in lotteries in Italy?

Other lotteries managed by Sisal, including Sivincto, Win for Life and Vincicasa, are subject to the tax rules described above. In addition, Sisal is operated by Sisal with a multinational Eurojackpot lottery in Italy, which means all Eurojackpot prizes segregated in Italy are also subject to the above tax rate.