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Super Italian lotteries to play online

Italian lottery games are rich in history and culture, offering a fascinating blend of tradition and modern innovation. Are you fascinated by the italian lotteries like superenalotto, 10lotto, Million day, Sivince Tutto or other games, is the place for you. With us, you will get an in-depth insight, game explanations, winning numbers, winners’ stories and more news.

National Italy lottery

Italy hosts a variety of lottery games, each with its unique features and traditions. Including details about these lotteries can add authenticity and depth to a story set in Italian characters.


lotto balls in roma italy

SuperEnalotto, one of the oldest and most iconic lotteries in Italy, has kept people glued to the tube since the 1950s.

SuperEnalotto, renowned for its sizable jackpots, is a favorite game. With draws on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, this game offers incredibly high jackpots.

Lotto Italy

player happy after winning the italian lotto

The Lotto has become a national lottery played weekly. This is a popular lottery that attracts many participants every week.

The game not only has an attractive jackpot, but also offers lower payouts for players with a limited number of matching numbers. The game is drawn on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


10Lotto is a variation of the Lotto lottery. This is a faster version where players choose 10 numbers between 1 and 90. Instead of waiting for the weekly draw, 20 numbers are randomly drawn every hour.


This Sivince tutto is a special variation of the SuperEnalotto. Playing SiVinceTutto is very simple:

pick 12 numbers between 1 and 90 to enter the draw, but just guess 6 to win a price..


MillionDay is a daily lottery launched in 2018. Players choose five numbers between 1 and 55 and hope they get all five numbers right. Every night, draws are held. Like other lotteries, there are multiple prize categories based on the number of matching numbers.

Gratta e Vinci

Gratta e Vinci is an instant lottery, also known as a scratch card game. At Gratta e Vinci, a player buys a scratch card for a predetermined price. The tickets have different themes and prize categories, ranging from €1 to €20 or more per ticket.


Eurojackpot in Italy follows a simple format: players choose five main numbers between 1 and 50 and two additional Euro numbers between 1 and 10. The draw takes place every Friday night, with the winning combination determining who wins the jackpot or other prizes.

Win for life

Win for Life is a unique lottery where players have a chance to win monthly payments for life. Players choose six numbers between 1 and 90 and a “life ball” between 1 and 10. A draw is held twice a week. To win the jackpot, the player must correctly select all six numbers and the life ball.

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FAQ questions about Italian games & lotteries

What are most popular lotteries in Italy?

The best known Italian lotteries are the Superenalotto and the National Lotto, all organized by Lottomatica.

SuperEnalotto is arguably the most famous italian lottery game, known for its massive jackpots. It stands out due to its long rollover cycles, which often result in substantial jackpot amounts. The Italian Lotto is another extremely popular game, with a history dating back hundreds of years. It features ten regional draws and a national draw, offering multiple chances to win.

What is the biggest Italian jackpot ever won?

For instance, in 2023, SuperEnalotto set a new European record with a €371 million jackpot.

What is Lottomatica?

Lottomatica is an company that specializes in italian lottery and gaming technology. It provides various services related to lotteries, sports betting, online gaming, and more. The manages and operates several well-known lotteries in Italy, including Lotto, SuperEnalotto and 10thLotto. They run competitions, sell tickets and give out prizes to the winners.

What does the future look like for lottery in Italy?

Digital innovation in the Italian sector plays a crucial role in improving accessibility, convenience and the overall player experience.

Lottery app

Online platforms and apps: The integration of online platforms, such as the My app, represents a major digital shift. With this app, players can access games such as Lotto, 10thLotto, MillionDAY and Gratta e Vinci from their smartphones. With this convenience, players can buy tickets, play, check winning numbers and even participate in special draws such as Lotteria Italy, all from the comfort of their home or on the go.

Improved website/user-friendly

Digital platforms offer a streamlined, user-friendly experience. Features such as saved favourite numbers, automatic number selection and easy-to-navigate interfaces make playing more fun and less daunting, especially for new players.

Players can receive real-time updates on draws, jackpot sizes and results via mobile apps and online platforms. This instant access to information keeps players engaged and informed, improving the overall gaming experience.

Sisal the official Italian operator

Sisal is one of the leading international operators in the regulated gambling sector and currently operates in Italy, Morocco and Turkey, offering lotteries, betting, online games and entertainment devices. The company operates internationally in the retail channel through a network of more than 45,000 outlets and in the online channel with more than 1.7 million consumers.

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