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National Lotto Italy

Italian Lotto is one of the oldest and best-known lotteries in the country. The game was first introduced in the city of Florence in 1530 and has since grown into a weekly national lottery. Lotto’s popularity is due in part to its historical roots and the frequency of draws, providing regular opportunities for players to win

How to play Lotto?

Italian Lotto requires players to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 90. Each week, 6 numbers are drawn at random, plus a “Happy Number” (Superstar), as an additional number for an extra bonus level. Players win prizes based on the number of matching numbers.

Ticket of lotto italy

When is lottomatica draws?

Lotto draws take place weekly, usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The sweepstakes are televised live and can also be viewed online. The numbers drawn are verified and confirmed by a notary public

Prize category
The Italian lotto has different prize categories based on the number of matching numbers. Get all six numbers correct to win the biggest payout, the Jackpot. There are also smaller prizes for correctly guessing five, four, three or even two numbers, depending on the draw and the total prize.

Superstar (lucky numbers)

Superstars are extra numbers drawn in addition to the six regular numbers. It is an extra opportunity to win additional prizes. Players can choose to participate in the SuperStar option for an additional fee when purchasing tickets. Additional prizes are awarded if the Superstar numbers drawn match the numbers on the ticket.

Jackpot rollover:
If there is no winner in the draw, the jackpot advances to the next draw. This often leads to huge jackpots, as the prize keeps rising until someone guesses the correct combination of numbers.

Lotto is a popular lottery in Italy that attracts many participants every week. The game not only has an attractive jackpot, but also offers lower payouts for players with a limited number of matching numbers.